Shopify Development Tasks – Week 3

For this week’s list of development tasks, we introduce our first design work and web hosting transfer. Along with some awesome email automation news from Mailchimp and Klaviyo!

Design a New WordPress Page

One of our clients was interested in adding a new page to their WordPress site. They had an idea of what they wanted but no actual designs, so we had one of our designers mock it up. After a revision or two we had the perfect design and now our next step will be using that design to build the page.

Shopify Theme Tweaks

One of our client’s is transitioning to a new Shopify theme and we have been helping with that process. This has included moving over the important apps, recreating product pages/functionality and this week specifically, cleaning up some HTML and CSS that needed to be perfected.

Transfer Website To New Host

Sometimes after going through all the low hanging fruit to speed up a website you are left with having to upgrade your hosting. This is exactly the position we were in with a client this past week. They were on Host Monster and we transferred them to Bluehost. Outside of just moving the site, we had to also make sure the fundamentals of the site were still working (email, plugins, caching, etc).

Integrating Mailchimp Shopify App

We work with many different email management/automation platforms, but being that Mailchimp has a very generous free tier we find that lots of Shopify store owners like to start with it. This task required us to integrate Mailchimp into their Shopify store. We setup the sync so that it will automatically add the contacts to the correct list. Now they will be able to manage all of their emails in one place.

One of the big complaints with Mailchimp has been it’s lack of email automation tools (like an abandoned checkout flow). Well they just released word that they will be providing this for free for all users. Pretty awesome, check out the details here –

BTW, setting up email automation flows is a perfect task for our Geek Relief team.

On the other end of the email automation news, Klaviyo just released the ability for Shopify stores to embed unique discount codes per email. The power of knowing exactly who used your discount code is extremely valuable and will now allow you to segment out everyone who did/didn’t use the code and retarget accordingly. You can read more here. Any of you using this feature?

klaviyo coupons - geek relief

Let us know if you have any questions or want to hear more about any one of these development tasks.

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Shopify and WordPress Web Development Tasks – Week 2

Here is this weeks list of web development tasks that we completed from the week prior. There is a good mix of Shopify and WordPress tasks, with our first Shopify plus specific change (checkout scripts) and a custom scraper.

Website Speed Up – Image Optimization

This is a continuation of the website speed up task from last week. We were tasked with figuring out how to speed up a website and after optimizing the cache headers last week, we decided that next we were going to look into optimizing the images. To do this we integrated the WP Smush plugin, which is a very easy plugin that will compress your images for you. Once we did this we saw a 65% decrease in size of the images that the site was serving. Another portion of this task was to make sure that all new images uploaded would also be compressed. This feature comes standard with WP Smush, so now any new images that get uploaded will automatically get properly compressed.

Custom Checkout Script

We had to do some work around a custom checkout flow on Shopify that included Shopify Plus checkout scripts. This was a modification to support the use of Gift Cards on checkout in conjunction with a checkout script that we had written a couple months ago. This script excluded gift cards from being a valid discountable product, which was conflicting with the checkout, so we had to use some custom javascript on the checkout to properly handle that condition.

Integrated Wheelio App

We recently integrated the Wheelio app for one of our clients and our task was to get it properly setup with discount codes, percentages and integrate it with Mailchimp. The really cool thing about this app is that it’s hovering at around a 16% conversion rate, which is incredible. I highly recommend giving this app a shot if you can get around the limited ability to customize the design. Our next step here will be to integrate it into Klaviyo and start setting up some flows to market to the new list.

Custom Web Scraper

We don’t normally diverge away from small tasks, but this one project was small enough that we made it a double task. A customer of ours wanted us to build a scraper that would output data into a spreadsheet. We went ahead and used google sheets along with the google sheet scripts. The script was written in Javascript and it hits a website, grabs all of the relevant data and then outputs it onto a google sheet.

Let us know if you have any questions or want to hear more about any one of these tasks.

Not sure if some work you want done is considered a task? No Problem. Send us a note to and we can let you know!

Shopify and WordPress Web Development Tasks – Week 1

What kind of tasks can you do?

This is probably the most common question that we get so I wanted to start a series of weekly blog posts to share with you some of the web development tasks that we have completed from the previous week. These tasks can also serve as inspiration for improvements that you may want to start thinking about. These tasks are going to vary depending on the platform (Shopify vs WordPress for example) and also in terms of the type of work (setting up a Klaviyo flow vs tweaking a Shopify theme). We will do our best to give you examples from as many categories as possible.

Website Speed Optimization

We were tasked with speeding up a WordPress website which had a relatively low score on the Google Page Speed test. Website speed optimizations are a composition of many different components so for this bigger project we broke it down into a handful of tasks and solved them one at a time. To start we focused on expired headers which involved a bit of research and ultimately us implementing ‘Far Future Expiry Headers’ plugin to cache the necessary resources. This made a significant dent lowering the score. Just a tip, when implementing this, resources that are external are not cacheable with the headers.

Next up we are going to be researching and implementing a solution for image optimization.

Javascript Popup Modification

One of our client’s WordPress sites has a contact form modal that wasn’t staying minimized across pages after minimizing it. To fix this we used Javascript to store whether the modal was minimized and then checked that whenever a page was loaded. This resulted in a much smoother user experience!

Implemented Shopify Apps

A Geek Relief subscriber is working on transferring their Shopify site to a new theme. Their existing theme had a bunch of integrated apps and in order to get them to work properly on the new theme we had to transfer them over and re-integrate them. These apps included Bacon Mega Menu , Coin and Customer Fields which each came with their own integration task.

Integrated Custom Klaviyo Event

Klaviyo has a fantastic integration with Shopify, but we learned this past week that it fell a bit short. Fortunately it is very customizable and we were able to fix the issue. When a user starts the checkout process on Shopify they only get their data sent to Klaviyo after they have fully completed the first checkout step. This is problematic for anyone that wants to track abandoned carts and doesn’t want to lose the ability to send an abandoned cart email flow to a visitor that leaves on the fist checkout page. So in order to fix this we had a task to create a custom event that would send all of the checkout data to Klaviyo once the user had finished filling out their email on that first page of the checkout. This would allow our client to still send abandoned cart emails to their users even if they left before completing the first page of the checkout.

Bonus Tip: If you are using Wheelio, as soon as a user fills out the wheelio form their email has been stored and it can be synced with Klaviyo. That way any subsequent actions by the user can be properly tracked.

If you are interested in a free trial with Klaviyo, you can sign up here – Klaviyo


We hope that sharing these tasks serves as both inspiration for things that you may want to do to your site as well as a reminder of the types of tasks that our team at Geek Relief is capable of completing.

If you have any questions about the tasks above, leave a comment and we’ll be happy to help.

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